Personalised Funerals With a Service

We believe that every life is unique, and our compassionate team will help you create a personalised funeral that honours your loved one’s life.

We’ll listen carefully to your wishes and help you personalise the funeral then we’ll take care of every last detail so that when the time comes for the funeral you can concentrate on the things that matter most.
It’s the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to saying goodbye.

We believe everyone has the right to a dignified farewell and that is why we have designed a range of options to cater for all needs.  No matter which service you choose you can be assured that you and your loved one will always receive the highest quality of care.

An attended funeral typically includes:

  • 24 hour customer helpline

  • Taking care of all the necessary legal and administrative arrangements with all third parties

  • Advice, support and guidance

  • Bringing the deceased into our care at any time within 20 miles of the nearest funeral home

  • Visit to chapel of rest during working hours (by appointment)

  • Taking care of the deceased up to the day of the funeral in our specialist facilities

  • Personal choice of coffin (additional costs apply)

Looking for some guidance? Our caring & compassionate Funeral Arrangers will explain all the options available to you and are here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Help & Support
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and you require assistance.

Further Guidance

Ways to Personalise

The attended funeral can be used as the basis of personalising the funeral – from the coffin selection, the style of the orders of service, to the colour of the flowers and of course the choice of the officiant or religious figure you want to lead the service – it can be arranged precisely as you wish.

Many requests we receive fall into one of three themes that we call Traditional, Modern or Tranquil. We have used to help guide you through creating the kind of funeral that is right for you and your loved one.

Modern Funeral

Whether it’s a favourite colour, or a lifelong passion, we can help you capture their unique personality in a range of modern ways.

From the choice of uplifting music, colourful coffins or striking floral tributes, we will ensure every detail is perfect, creating a heartfelt tribute that brings a memorable farewell.

Traditional Funeral

In times of need there is great strength to be drawn from embracing tradition as the familiar rites and rituals can provide comfort and healing.

These traditions are there to begin the process of healing and to reflect on the whole life of the deceased. Coming together in a community of family and friends to share memories and stories is the first step in the healing process.

Eco-Friendly Funeral

Many people are searching for ways to care for the environment and draw comfort from knowing that in death as well as life their impact is as gentle as possible.

Using biodegradable materials, and processes that are gentler on the environment, we have created our eco-friendly funeral.

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