How Fosters Have Adapted Services To Allow Families to Say Meaningful Farewell

Over recent weeks we have been asked by families what options are available within the current circumstances when it comes to arranging a funeral for their loved ones.

With the health and safety of customers and staff at the forefront of our minds, we have adopted guidance published by the Government and the National Association of Funeral Directors in order to apply best practices to tackle the outbreak, whilst enabling families to give their loved one the most personal and meaningful send-off possible in these uncertain times.

Below is a list of the most common questions and our advice.

Can I visit the funeral parlour?

As key workers, all our parlours are open as usual so that we can give families continued expert guidance and support. For those who are unable to travel due to restrictions we can provide face to face support and arrange the funeral via video call.

Can I visit my loved one in your care?

Under the current lockdown restrictions families are still allowed to visit a funeral home and visit their loved one as long as social distancing rules are observed. Some funeral directors are unable to offer this service at present however we believe it is a vital part of the grieving process that a family can choose to see their loved one again if they wish.

This is why we have adapted our services so that families can follow social distancing advice while visiting our funeral homes to safely and respectfully say goodbye in person. 

This is true even where COVID-19 is noted on the death certificate.

Can friends and family still attend the funeral?

Due to social distancing measures currently in place the number of people who can attend a funeral service has been limited for safety reasons. This normally means that only immediate family members can attend the funeral and varies between each crematorium. Most churches are not permitting services of any kind.

To help extended family and friends pay their respects we have introduced video live streaming of services within selected funeral homes, enabling others to participate in virtual gatherings.

This is also widely available across Scotland crematoriums which we can arrange for the family and is included with some of our funeral options.

So that those watching from home can follow along we can provide digital orders of service and memorial cards.

What else can I do during lockdown?

We understand deeply that current circumstances dictate not as many people can take part in the funeral as would be able to typically, so other things we have been asked to do include:

  • Flexible funeral procession on the day of the service which includes driving the hearse past the homes of close family and friends on route to the service so they can pay their last respect
  • Holding a memorial service at a later date in one of our uplifting service rooms
  • Personalised memorials such as fingerprint jewellery

There are many more options available to help give your loved one a meaningful farewell if not in the traditional way. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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