Is A Coffin Essential For A Funeral?

Would it shock you to learn that some funeral companies in Scotland do not include the cost of a coffin within their advertised funeral packages? Unbelievably, this is true!

Some of the largest funeral directors in the UK are currently advertising ‘inclusive’ price packages which on first reading appear good value, yet in reality don’t include the cost of a coffin. Customers who then unwittingly buy a funeral from them immediately find themselves having to pay £450 for the entry level coffin. We believe this is misleading and wrong.

A wooden coffin

Most families consider essential funeral services to include a coffin and a hearse. Furthermore, our research shows 60% of customers expect at least one limousine to be required as part of a Traditional Funeral.

That is why our personalised funeral service incorporates these services as standard within the published price of £1995.

We are upfront that the cost of cremation and burial varies widely across the country and for that reason we exclude those fees from our funerals for total transparency on the price of our services.

With Fosters the price you see is the price you get where as some other providers can be as much as £1000 more than their published price when you include these three essentials!

Fosters Managing Director Nick McLaughlin explains “We are genuinely transparent in our pricing and actively encourage you to test out our findings. We’ve created a price comparison chart so you can see for yourself how we match up against others in the industry.”

“We want tighter regulation within the funeral industry to stop people being taken advantage of and to reduce the risk of funeral poverty. Our commitment to the clients and communities we serve is to provide every family who walks through our doors with a high quality, respectful and affordable funeral for their loved one.”

Price Comparison Chart

Traditional Funeral







Funeral Director Fees  Included £2,250 £3,545 £1,850
Wood Effect Coffin Included £450 Included £325
Hearse Included Included Included £350
Limousine Included £245 £200 £250
 Price* £1,995 £2,945 £3,745 £2,775
£ more than Fosters £950 £1,750 £780

*Prices taken from Co-op Funeralcare, Dignity and Scotmid websites on 7th January 2020 and exclude any discounts or promotions that may be available.

Postcode Lottery

There are nationwide funeral service providers taking a postcode lottery approach when setting funeral prices. This means that a family in Edinburgh can be charged significantly more for a coffin than a family buying an identical coffin in the Glasgow branch of the same funeral directors.

Affordable funerals with Fosters - a map with a pin

At Fosters, we guarantee that regardless of where you live in Scotland, you’ll pay the same price for the funeral services we provide so there are no expensive surprises.

Funeral Poverty

You might think that what these companies are doing is just sales tactics however research by The Fair Funeral Campaign found that in 2019 12% of people faced with paying for a funeral struggled to pay for it. This was further investigated in ITV’s Tonight Show in October 2020 where stats highlighted that only 8% of people shop around for a funeral company.

In our view these companies are preying on vulnerable customers at their most difficult of times.

The government does offer financial support to those facing this predicament. Our funeral arrangers can help you complete the relevant paperwork to apply for funds to cover the cost of your relative’s funeral. And Fosters have dignified funeral options that enable you to say goodbye without breaking the bank.