We Choose To Charge Less So You Can Do More For Your Loved One

The choice between burial and cremation is a very personal one and is often influenced by many factors, including family tradition, religion or the wishes of the person who has died. Our caring and professional team are here to guide you through all the steps and give your loved one the send-off they wanted for the best possible price.

We have everything you might want but will not sell you anything you don’t need.

With all our funerals we will provide the following as standard:

  • Provision of all Funeral Director services to make the funeral arrangements
  • Advice, support and guidance
  • Bringing the deceased into our care from anywhere in Scotland
  • Provision of fully lined and fitted coffin
  • Care and preparation of the deceased (excluding embalming which is available for a small fee).

Choosing a grave

If you opt for a burial, you will need to think about where this will take place, and unfortunately the price will depend on the location you choose. If there is a grave already in existence that you would like to use, for example, part of a family plot, then we can arrange to use that.


Costs you need to consider for a burial might include: purchasing a new grave, reopening an existing grave and removal and replacement of existing memorials. We can advise you on local charges.

Our Funeral Services

We have a range of options  that we believe cater for most needs and the one that is right for your loved one usually depends on the quality of coffin you would like and the number of limousines required for the Funeral Cortege.

Expert, Professional Advice

If you need immediate support and advice please call our 24-hour freephone helpline: 0800 121 8090.

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