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Funeral Parlour Opening Soon Aberdeen

We are delighted to announce that we will be bringing the unique Fosters proposition of low cost, high value and quality service funerals to the people of Aberdeen and as soon as we have the paperwork agreed we will post them on this section of the website so you are the first to know.

Our team conducts funerals up and down the UK even in locations where we have no parlours using our network of partners so if we do not yet have a branch in your area don’t hesitate to give us a call using our 24hr number 0800 121 8090 to see if we can assist.

Low-Cost Funerals Without Compromising on Quality of Care
Our lowest cost funeral is for our unattended service Direct Cremation package for only £979.

For those looking a more traditional funeral with service to say your farewell our Simple Funeral which starts at £1499.

If you would prefer a burial or want something with more options then our full funeral packages start at £1839 (excluding 3rd party fees for your desired crematorium or cemetery).

Planning Ahead with a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

For those wishing to protect their loved ones from the financial burden of arranging their own funeral we also offer a range of fully guaranteed pre-paid funeral plans that cater for every need for those that wish to plan ahead including the Lowest Cost Funeral Plan in Scotland, the Direct Cremation Plan.


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The staff at Fosters Funeral Directors have been highly trained to deal with clients in a sympathetic and understanding nature in times of great distress and sorrow.

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