Foster’s Simple Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is 24% LOWER THAN THE CO-OP’s comparable plan.
You can tailor the package to suit your needs by clicking ‘Select plan’.

free will storage with every funeral plan
free annual review with every funeral plan
free wills with every funeral plan
free power of attorney with every funeral plan

Simple Funeral Plan

Our Simple Funeral plan is our lowest priced fully guaranteed plan with a service. This means that the price you pay today for the services included in the plan will be the same no matter how much they change over the years.

It is suitable for either Cremation or Burial and our team will advise and guide you every step of the way and help you to make sure nothing is missed. Third party costs covered by the guarantee include cremation, burial or interment fees as well as minister or officiant fees.

If you are comfortable with being assigned a day and time of the funeral and don’t wish for a flexible funeral cortege with limousines then the Simple plan is perfect for you.

If you are looking for a little bit more flexibility please consider one of our other plans.

As well as being Fully Guaranteed, we are also offering free professionally written Wills and Power of Attorney with every plan.

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Comparison is between our price for each funeral plan with the Co-op Funeralcare price for each equivalent plan in Scotland. Comparison can be verified by clicking here for details of plans compared to Co-op’s plans. Prices for Co-op’s plans obtained from its “Your Guide To Our Fully Guaranteed Pre-Paid Funeral Plans (February 2018)” brochure, referenced in branch on 1stJuly 2018. Prices exclude any discounts that may be available. For further details, a copy brochure, or to verify the claim please contact us on

Fosters Price


Co-Op Price


What's included ?

The following below is included in our Simple Funeral Plan.

You may chose to customise this plan to suit your needs.

  • Provision of all Funeral Director services to make the funeral arrangements
  • Advice, support and guidance for your loved ones
  • Hearse and funeral personnel
  • Contemporary style hearse
  • Simple coffin
  • Funeral at restricted day and time
  • Funeral procession direct to crematorium or burial place from funeral home
  • Viewing during normal working hours
  • Cremation or burial/interment fee included
  • Officiants fees included if applicable