Pre-paid Funeral Plans

What is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

The death of a loved one or relative is always a traumatic and distressing experience for those that have been bereaved.
To help ease their burden, at such an emotional time, you may want to consider a pre-arranged, pre-paid, funeral plan.
Investing in a plan will help ease the worry about meeting the costs of the funeral and the arrangements.
All costs are fully guaranteed. Your loved ones will never have another penny to pay.

Is there a charge for the guarantee?

Yes, this is built into all our funeral plans so that we can ensure that the family has never another penny to pay.
Please note that the charge on the celebration plan is higher.
This is because third party costs make up a greater proportion of the cost on these plans.

Is my money secure?

Funeral plan funds are placed in an insurance company, in line with guidelines, set out by the Funeral Plan Authority.


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