Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Leave Behind Memories

Not Funeral Debt

Having a pre-paid funeral plan brings peace of mind, on both a financial and practical level.

A funeral plan records your personal preferences for things like a religious or humanist service, and cremation or burial. It saves your family from the upset of making decisions when they are grieving and as it’s paid for in advance, can protect your family from funeral debt.

5 Reasons To Choose A Pre-paid Funeral Plan

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What is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is a simple way of choosing the kind of funeral you would like and then
pre-paying for the cost of our services at today’s prices.


You choose how you wish to pay, and whatever the method of payment is, your money is looked after by one of the leading and oldest life assurance companies in Scotland. So you can rest assured that your plan is safe.

Protect Against
Rising Costs

When the time comes, we promise to fulfil all the services specified in your plan. No matter how much the costs have risen over the period since your plan was agreed, the cost of the funeral will stay the same as the day it was purchased.

Peace Of

Most people do not want to think about arranging their own funeral. That’s natural, but there is a quiet satisfaction to be gained from putting your affairs in order which will ease the burden on your loved ones at their time of need.

Make Your
Wishes Known

Choose the package that is right for you and let our team know of any special requests, so that your funeral will be the way you always wanted.

The Fosters Triple Guarantee

  • Once your plan is in place, we guarantee that the price for the funeral services provided by us will stay the same and, no matter how much funeral prices may rise in the years to come, your loved ones will not have to pay a penny more for Fosters services included with your plan.

  • The financial contributions to other 3rd party services contained within your plan are guaranteed to grow each year, helping to protect against rising costs outwith our control.

  • And if you are between 40-75 years old you are guaranteed to be accepted, without any medical or lifestyle questions.

Changes To Average Funeral Costs In The UK

A recent survey (SunLife (2022) Cost of Dying Report) shows that the average cost of a funeral in the UK is now £4,056 – an increase of 121% since 2004.

 If funeral costs continue to rise at the same rate we have seen over the past decade the average funeral will cost over £5,000, in five years’ time. Source: Sunlife Cost of Dying Report 2022.

Our Funeral Plans

We offer three Pre-Paid Funeral Plans comprised of different options so you can choose the one most suited to you. Each plan includes all the essential services required for a burial or cremation funeral. These have been carefully designed by our professional funeral arrangers to give you complete peace of mind that everything has been taken care of.

only £1299
from £3124
from £3594

Our Direct Plan provides a dignified and affordable unattended cremation with ashes scattered in the garden of remembrance, or returned for a small additional fee.


Our Simple Plan is available for both burials and cremations and provides a simple, yet respectful service at a crematorium or cemetery of your choice.

Our Personalised Plan offers you the most flexibility when it comes to pre-planning a funeral. Available for both burials and cremations, and includes a modern hearse and limousine for your family.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

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Any Questions?

Our dedicated team are available 7 days
a week to help you get started and answer any questions.
Call us FREE on:

0800 121 8090