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Fixed Monthly Payments
10 Year Instalments
5 Year Instalments
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Compare Payment Options

Fixed Monthly Payments10 Year Payment Option5 Year Payment OptionSingle Payment
Deposit Required£349£349£349N/A
Moratorium Period2 Years1 Year1 YearNone
Payment TermUntil the anniversary of the Plan start Date following the Covered Individual’s 90th Birthday120 Consecutive Months60 Consecutive MonthsSingle One Off Payment
When will a cancellation result in 100% of monies paid back?Within 2 YearsWithin 1 YearWithin 1 Year30 days
Cancellation within 30 Days of Plan Start DateFull Money Back GuaranteeFull Money Back GuaranteeFull Money Back GuaranteeFull Money Back Guarantee
Cancellation during the MoratoriumFull Money Back GuaranteeFull Money Back GuaranteeFull Money Back GuaranteeN/A
Cancellation after the Moratorium PeriodZero Money ReturnedZero Money ReturnedZero Money ReturnedN/A
Covered Individual dies during the Moratorium Period as a result of an AccidentFully CoveredFully CoveredFully CoveredFully Covered
Covered Individual dies during the Moratorium Period (Not a result of accidental death)1Return of 100% of all Monies Paid to IFFD2Return of 100% of all Monies Paid to IFFD2Return of 100% of all Monies Paid to IFFD2Fully Covered
Covered Individual dies after the Moratorium Period and all payments up to dateFully CoveredFully CoveredFully CoveredFully Covered
Missed Payment

1Accidental Death: Death which occurs within 90 days of an accident. By which we mean an event caused by violent, external bodily injury which could not be predicted and was not intentional. This excludes self-inflicted injury, such as suicide, or activities where there is an inherent risk of injury (such as war, involvement in criminal acts, extreme sports, drug use, or injury while intoxicated) and death by natural causes, an illness or disease.



What If I’m Not In Good Health?2022-11-07T13:42:33+00:00

So long as you meet our age and location requirements, we promise to accept your application, regardless of your state of health. If you paid in full then you will be fully covered from the start date.
If you have chosen to pay for your plan by one of our monthly payment options you will be fully covered after the moratorium period has passed, which is 12 consecutive monthly payments for Fixed Term Instalments and 24 for Fixed Monthly Payments.
If you die during the Moratorium Period, and it is the result of an Accident, you are fully covered and the plan will be provided. However, if it’s not the result of an accident a full refund will be made to your estate which can be used towards a funeral.

Can I Take A Payment Holiday?2022-10-18T14:57:33+01:00

You cannot take a payment holiday, however, If You encounter difficulties in making payments during the Payment Term, it’s important You get in touch as early as possible. You can miss up to a maximum 2 consecutive payments without losing the benefits of the Plan.

What Happens If I Miss A Payment?2022-10-18T14:57:05+01:00

Your plan is at risk if you do not keep payments up to date. If you miss a payment you will be given the opportunity to bring your payments up to date. If you miss two consecutive payments we will send you a written statement and give you 10 days to rectify the payment shortfall. If the payment shortfall is not rectified within this time then we will cancel your plan and you may not be entitled to receive any money back.

Our Funeral Plans

free will 250

from £8.85 p/m*

from £8.85 p/m*

free will 250

from £20.16 p/m*

from £20.16 p/m*

Our Direct Plan provides a dignified and affordable unattended cremation with ashes scattered in the garden of remembrance, or returned to nearest Fosters.

Our Personalised Plan offers you flexibility when it comes to pre-planning a funeral. Available for both burials and cremations, it can be fully personalised to you and your family’s needs.

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