Why People Plan Ahead

Having a pre-paid funeral plan in place can give great peace of mind, both for you and your family.

With many families unsure of what their loved one wanted and feeling under pressure to get it right, it will be a comfort to you and your family if you’ve made your wishes known. Having a funeral plan in place saves your family the task of making decisions when they are grieving, and potentially leaving them with a large funeral bill to pay.

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What is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is a simple way of choosing the kind of funeral you would like and then
pre-paying for it today.

Financial Protection

Your money is protected and will be invested in a Whole of Life insurance policy with a leading UK financial services company, Scottish Friendly and is protected by the FSCS.

Help Protect Against
Rising Costs

The price of our Fosters’ services are guaranteed and includes a financial contribution for the burial or cremation.

Peace Of Mind

The satisfaction of knowing your affairs are in order, and that you and your family will receive the best of care without the additional worry that comes from uncertainty.

Changes To Average Funeral Costs In The UK

A recent survey (SunLife (2022) Cost of Dying Report) shows that the average cost of a funeral in the UK is now £4,056 – an increase of 121% since 2004.

 If funeral costs continue to rise at the same rate we have seen over the past decade the average funeral will cost over £5,000, in five years’ time.*

*Source: Sunlife Cost of Dying Report 2022.

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Make Your Wishes Known

Our range of Pre-paid Funeral Plans give you complete peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

Lock-in our low prices and make sure your loved ones will not have to worry about the costs when the time comes. Request a brochure for more information.

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Our Funeral Plans

Pay £1,299 in full for immediate peace of mind.

Our Direct Plan provides a dignified and affordable unattended cremation with ashes scattered in the garden of remembrance, or returned for a small additional fee.

Pay £3,124 in full for immediate peace of mind.

Our Simple Plan is available for both burials and cremations and provides a simple, yet respectful service at a crematorium or cemetery of your choice.

Pay £3,594 in full for immediate peace of mind.

Our Personalised Plan offers you the most flexibility when it comes to pre-planning a funeral. Available for both burials and cremations, and includes a modern hearse and limousine for your family.

*Monthly payments require an initial £349 deposit