A community group, founded by residents in Burnhill, has been awarded a £1,000 bursary by Fosters Funeral Directors.

The funds will go towards a communal garden space and help to teach local children the importance of sustainability and caring for the environment.

The grant was awarded to the group as part of our newly launched community bursary scheme. Burnhill Action Group, a committee of local residents from the area, helps to keep community spirit up by hosting events and activities, alongside providing a forum for locals to voice any ideas, concerns or suggestions they have to positively impact the area. The awarded funding will be used to create an outdoor allotment space where children can learn about growing fruit and vegetables as well as providing facilities to cook meals with their homegrown produce.  The £1,000 award will also help the group to set up the Burnhill Helpers clean-up project to remove litter from the area and request additional bins to be installed by the council.


A group of children gives a thumbs up whilst standing in a park collecting litter, to the right is a newspaper article about the bursary funding awarded


Lizzy McDonald, group leader of Burnhill Action Group, said: “We’re hugely thankful to the kind team at Fosters for such a wonderful contribution to our group. We take pride in supporting our wider community and making a positive difference in the lives of all residents, both young and old.

“With this grant, we can continue to build on the fantastic work of our Burnhill Helpers clean-up project, which cleans the area and teaches young children about the importance of creating a sustainable environment. We hope that this project will also grow into a flourishing community garden space to further bring our Burnhill community together.”

Terry Buchan, Fosters  area manager, said: “Our Fosters Rutherglen parlour receives regular requests for donations, so we wanted to create a dedicated community bursary to guarantee direct benefit to the local area. We’re thrilled to hear all about the amazing work that the residents involved with Burnhill Action Group have been doing and hope that our grant can assist them further in strengthening the community spirit across the area.”

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more good news stories about the local community groups who were successful in their application for funding. Stay tuned!