best direct cremation provider

Best Direct Cremation Provider Awarded To Fosters Funeral Directors

At the prestigious Scottish Funeral Awards Ceremony 2022, Fosters Funeral Directors received recognition by winning the best Direct Cremation Provider in Central Scotland.

More and more people are choosing to have a direct cremation. This can be because there is less fuss than with a more traditional funeral or they wanted their families to do something more memorable with savings on a traditional funeral. Fosters Direct Cremation funeral is their lowest cost funeral yet staff provide the same high quality customer service and care Fosters are renowned for.

Fosters received this award due to the various unique aspects of the Direct Cremation service they provide:

  • Fosters provides a complete end-to-end service so customers have peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe in our hands every step of the way.
  • There are no middlemen involved so can afford to provide one of the lowest prices in Scotland.
  • There are no hidden fees for out-of-hours or weekend collection or removing implants that many other providers charge giving customers complete transparency in pricing.
  • A viewing package is available for those wishing to visit their loved ones prior to the Cremation – most direct cremation providers don’t offer this service at all.
  • Some Fosters premises have service rooms so while there is no service at the crematorium, mourners can hold a private farewell service for their loved one in a funeral home.

The Direct Cremation package gives the best value to customers looking for an unattended cremation service, cementing Fosters reputation as being able to provide one of the most affordable funerals for customers in Scotland. Customers that choose to have a Direct Cremation with Fosters will receive the same 5-star service which is reflected on Trust Pilot where customers have them rated as the best Scottish Funeral Directors.

Best Value

You can see for yourself why Fosters won the award by comparing other direct cremation providers below:

ServiceFostersDignityCo-op FuneralcareAffordable FuneralsSimplicityPure Cremation
Funeral Director TypeTraditionalTraditionalTraditionalOnline/BrokerOnline/BrokerOnline/Broker
Bringing deceased into care during office hours
Bringing deceased into care outside office hours£195£250£195£250
Bringing deceased into care from any place of death£250
for non hospital collection
for non hospital collection
for non hospital collection
Removal of pacemaker, medical implants or artificial limbs£100£
Provision of oversized coffin if required£250
Transport of deceased
Ability to Visit the Deceased in a chapel of rest£
Notification of the date of the cremation
Unattended cremation fee
Return of ashes
to local funeral home
to local funeral home
to any address
Ashes return guaranteed within 14 days£150
Basic Price£895£750£995£990£995£1295
What you could end up paying£895£945£1045£1590£1515£1870