Could you knit tiny baby hats and little teddies for the Premature Baby Unit?

Yvonne from Fosters Cumbernauld is asking for local people to look out their knitting needles and wool to knit baby hats and teddy bears for the Premature Baby Unit at the Princess Royal Maternity Unit.

4 tiny baby hats and 2 pairs of matching knitted teddies

Yvonne explains “Lots of people love to knit and will have spare wool sitting in a cupboard somewhere. I know that the premature baby unit needs hats and had the idea that as a community we could support them by knitting little hats and teddy bears.”

“So far, we have 10 hats and 6 teddies, but we’d love to increase that number and with the help of local knitters I’m sure we can.”

Yvonne continues “Anyone wanting to get involved can use their own premature baby hat pattern or pop into Fosters in The Cumbernauld Centre for a printed copy. We’ve also added it to our website if you want to download it.”

Yvonne continues: “The teddy bears are to be knitted in identical pairs as they are for babies who are born sleeping. One teddy stays with baby, and the matching teddy is given to the parents. It is a very simple gesture, but one that can mean so much.”

Download a pattern via this link Knitting Pattern for Premature Baby Hat and Teddies

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UPDATE August 2021

Thank you SO much to the kind hearted knitters of Cumbernauld who have handed in an incredible amount of premature baby hats, teddies and blankets. We have received over 200 items and are so grateful to the knitters for their time and effort.

rows and rows of hand knitted baby hats