Did you know that Dying Matters Week aims to encourage us to talk about our final wishes?

 At Fosters we know that planning ahead makes it easier for your loved ones when the time comes to say a final farewell. 


The thought behind Dying Matters Week is to encourage people to talk to loved ones about the inevitable.  In Scotland talking about dying is either avoided all together, or it’s often done in a jokey way. ‘Son, when my time’s up, I want Ring of Fire played at my funeral.’ These comments aren’t always taken seriously but what if it’s you who is the next of kin and therefore responsible for planning a loved one’s funeral? At Fosters we know from experience that families want to do the best for their loved one, and that’s why it’s important, and comforting, to make your wishes known.  


In addition to chatting with your family you can also take out a pre-paid funeral plan. A pre-paid funeral plan is a practical way to ease the financial and emotional burden on your family once you’ve gone It takes into consideration all of your wishes, and can be personalised to record all the little things that often mean so much to those left behind. 

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Fosters plans can be paid in a lump sum, or in smaller monthly payments. Starting from just £12.94 per month our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans lock in today’s prices and guarantee the services provided by Fosters. Our customers tell us that it feels reassuring and practical to record their wishes with our experienced staff. We’re here to help and invite you to make an appointment at any of our funeral homes to chat through the options available. You’re very welcome to bring a friend or family member with you 

If a plan isn’t for you, we’d still encourage you to have a conversation with your nearest and dearest about your final wishes. To help you get started we’ve created this list of questions to help you discuss the necessities.  

Final Wishes

  • Do you want a humanist or a religious service? 
  • Where should the service take place – a Fosters funeral home, a church or other venue?
  • What hymns or songs would you like? 
  • Cremation or burial? 
  • Would you like your family to be bearers? 
  • Would you like limousines for your family? 
  • What outfit would you wear?  
  • Is there a reading or poem you’d like? 
  • Would you like the funeral directors to wear black or a colourful tie/scarf? 
  • Would you like flowers and if so what kind? 
  • Would you like an Order of Service or Memorial Cards? 
  • Would you like a newspaper notice? 
  • Is there a tradition you’d like upheld – paging or walking behind the hearse? 
  • Is there anything you don’t want? 

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Learn more about the benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan and visit this page to compare our plans

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