The introduction of regulation has been welcomed by Fosters Funeral Directors who operate 25 funeral homes across Scotland.

On the 16th of September new regulations by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for the funeral industry come into effect.

Nick McLaughlin, Managing Director of Fosters said “We welcome the CMA regulations as over the years Fosters has publicly championed the need for clear and fair pricing within the funeral industry. We believe that bereaved families deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and it is disgraceful that some providers continue to take advantage of grieving families by overcharging for funeral services.”

The CMA Regulations are being introduced following findings that the funeral industry was not treating customers fairly. Concerns centred around the lack of price transparency within the sector which made it hard for bereaved families to compare costs between providers and choose the right service for their loved ones.

A funeral can cost thousands of pounds yet typically people don’t compare prices before making a purchase. The 2021 Cost of Dying Report found that 1 in 7 families struggled to find funds to pay for a funeral with 50% reporting that they borrowed money to cover the cost, and 14% stating that they got into significant financial difficulty to pay for a funeral.

Nick is bald and wears a navy suit with a white shirt and navy tie

Fosters Managing Director, Nick McLaughlin (pictured above) continues “The new regulations mean, every funeral director must clearly display their prices in a standard way and in a prominent place. I expect that customers will rightly start to question why some funeral directors charge extra for services that others include as standard. For example, some online funeral providers are advertising a standard funeral service at a set price, then charge a family £700 to visit their loved one. Others are charging more for a larger coffin, or if the person happens to die during the evening they are charging extra to collect the deceased after 5pm.”

Nick added “This is not acceptable and preys upon the vulnerable at a moment when they need help from a compassionate funeral professional. I sincerely hope the CMA Regulations will put an end to such unethical practices.”

At Fosters we are transparent in the way that we engage with our customers and are confident that our service is of the highest standard. We strongly encourage people to look through our website, review the prices and compare our services to others. There are no hidden costs, and our team are available 24/7.”