Have you ever seen a superhero themed funeral before?

Well, in Cumbernauld earlier this month, Jack, who was a massive fan of Marvel, was given the most fitting send off at his funeral.

The idea occurred when the family told Yvonne, the funeral arranger at Fosters Cumbernauld, all about how Jack loved the Marvel films and how he would watch them every day. It was his favourite thing to do. So, Yvonne asked the family if it would be okay to have everyone dress up as superheroes for the funeral and they said that would be amazing and “such a fitting send off for Jack”. The members of staff also thought it was a brilliant idea and said they would do it without hesitation.

Fosters staff dress up as superheroes to honour wishes.

On the day of the funeral, the superheroes accompanied the hearse to the crematorium, with Jack’s personal favourite, Spider-man given the honour of driving. Jack’s extended family and friends did not know this was going to happen, which brought a few smiles to faces.

Jack’s family said, “Thanks so much, it was amazing. Jack would have loved it. Everybody commented on the superheroes. We never told anyone what was going to happen, so everyone was pleasantly surprised when they turned up in superhero outfits. We also loved that Spider-man drove all the way to Daldowie with his mask on!”

This is just one of many examples of ways you can personalise your funeral with Fosters. When asked about the importance of being able to personalise funerals, funeral arranger Yvonne said, “It is particularly important. No two eulogies are the same. We can add those personal touches that make the experience so special and memorable for the family and friends involved. We feel like it allows us to get the essence of the person who has passed away. It is nice to be able to do that for people and make their send-off extra special for them and their loved ones by bringing their hobbies and loves into it.”

Other recent examples of personalised funerals Fosters have carried out include an Only Fools and Horses themed funeral, and we have also had a biker themed funeral where the biker’s gloves and helmet were placed on the hearse.

Fosters are committed to ensuring that the deceased’s and their family’s wishes are fulfilled to the best of our ability. Yvonne also stated, “It is great when staff go the extra mile to put in those additional touches. It makes it more memorable for everyone involved.”

For more information about personalised funeral services call Fosters 0800 121 8090.