What Is A Green Funeral?

More people are looking for ways to be eco-friendlyA green funeral is a more environmentally friendly way to be laid to rest. A key difference between a traditional funeral and a green funeral is the use of biodegradable materials such as a bamboo coffin. Overall, the processes involved are gentler on the earth.

Eco-friendly Funerals

In recent years eco-friendly funerals have become more popular amongst those who want their final farewell to involve returning to nature. For some the idea of their final resting place to be in a woodland or wild open space is appealing. Others choose to be closer to home so loved ones can easily visit to pay respects.

Make Your Wishes Known

It’s advisable to let loved ones know that you’d like a green funeral. In times of grief it can be comforting to your family to know that they have given you send the off you wanted. Of course we understand that talking about death or discussing funeral plans can be daunting and emotive. But it needn’t be a teary conversation. Our expert funeral arrangers will listen carefully and help you create a personalised plan that fits your budget and needs. And if you want to literally be ‘pushing up the daisies’ with a green funeral, we’ll give you peace of mind with all the information and options available.

We’re Here To Help

Fosters Family Funeral Directors have parlours across Scotland where you can sit down with our friendly team and chat things through over a cup of tea. Or you can read up online about our personalised funeral plans and call for more information.