‘Scatter my ashes on the beach, the spot down the end where the tourists don’t go. You know, the bit where your brother got stung by the jellyfish!’

This is the type of conversation we often have when people pop in to purchase a pre-paid funeral plan. Often there’s a few laughs when it comes to deciding where to scatter ashes. Especially if it’s a location that brings back fond memories.

These conversations highlight the need to let your loved ones know the details that are important to you. For example, one gentleman wanted his children to bag his favourite munro and scatter his ashes in the spot where he sat to eat his pieces. They weren’t sure which munro was his favourite, they’d climbed so many together. So, he went home and got the map out to show them and it was duly noted down.

The common theme with these requests is stunning views and peaceful places. All tie back to fond memories of family time, happy holidays or sitting in peace in the sunshine.

What shall we do with the ashes? A view from the top of a munro in Scotland


Of course there is always the option to bury your loved ones ashes in a family grave. After all, the local cemetery is easier to get to than the top of a mountain. And you may want your ashes placed with those of other family members, your name added to the headstone.

Many people prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes at home. The traditional urn is still popular but in recent years more creative and decorative options have become available. A quick search on the internet and you’ll discover that ashes can be made into jewellery, glass sculptures or even stored in a secret compartment within a teddy bear.

We understand that talking about death is not easy, but it is important. Noting down instructions, in a notepad in the drawer, or officially with a pre-paid funeral plan make things much easier for those you leave behind. In our experience it brings great comfort to your family if they know that they’ve personalised your funeral and given you the final farewell you wanted.

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