What is a personalised funeral?

Bright coloured coffin at modern funeralIn this article, we share examples of the little things that can bring comfort as you gather to commemorate the life of a loved one. Every culture has its own rituals and funerals in Scotland have historically been sombre occasions. Traditionally mourners dress in black and services have hymns and eulogies. For many, that is the right choice but it’s not one size fits all. There are other options available that may be more appropriate for you when planning your own personalised funeral, or the final farewell of a family member.

Every Life Is Unique

At Fosters, we believe that every life is unique.  And with a personalised funeral, you have the option to really highlight the personality and interests of your loved one. We asked our funeral arrangers for examples and here are their replies.

A Best Friend

When talking with a bereaved mum who was planning the funeral for her young son, she mentioned that his best friend was his dog who never left his side. So, we arranged for his coffin to be decorated with photos of his beloved pet, so he was beside him on his final journey. A touching tribute to the bond they shared.

Nature Lover

One family told us that their Nana loved gardening. Come rain or shine she’d be outside pruning roses, planting seeds or listening to the birds in the trees. She kept an old cassette player in her greenhouse and would sing along to The Beatles and talk to her plants. It helped them grow apparently!

She loved nature so much that the family opted for a green funeral and the choice of music was ‘I feel fine’ by the Beatles. When asked how she was, that was always their Nana’s answer.

Personalised Funeral - a red rose in a garden with white hydrangea bushes in the background

The Open Road

An 80-year-old gentleman had been an adrenaline junkie in his day. His children said he loved nothing more than speeding along the open road on his motorbike or tinkering with engines in his shed. He had been quite a character and they felt a traditional funeral didn’t reflect his personality. So, we organised for a Harley Davidson to be driven ahead of the hearse, the rider in leathers with the engine roaring, leading the way.

A black and white close up the front of a motorbike with circular light and brakes

We’re Here to Help

In times of grief planning, a personalised funeral can feel overwhelming but we’ll guide and support you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and ensuring that we charge less so that you can do more. Our Personalised Funerals start from £1995.

If you’d like to chat with a member of our team about funeral planning do get in touch. You can read about our services online, call us, or pop into your local parlour to chat things through in person with a cup of tea. The kettle is always on and our parlours are comfortable and welcoming.